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Urine sediment analyzer FUS-100

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  • Identification and classification of formed elements of urine according to NCCLS standards
  • 820 images for each sample
  • Technology planar flow cells without centrifuging and staining reduces the cost of analysis
  • 12 Identification of the formed elements of urine
  • Measured parameters: red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC), epithelial cells (EPI), cylinders, crystals (CRY), bacteria (BAC), leukocyte clots (WBCc), Mukusev (MUC), mushrooms (YEA), sperm (SPRM ) etc.

Flow cytometry. 

Due to the compressing fluid flow formed elements of urine always be the focus of the lens of the microscope. The particles pass urine microscope lens and CCD cameras, one after the other, eliminating overlap. In addition, the flow of urine is diffusion, which impedes aggregation visible components.

High-speed imaging technology. 

Each microscope image is flashed from the light source (40 times per second), all passing of urine formed elements fixed camera. CCD camera takes 820 pictures for each sample over time.

Identification technology formed elements of urine. 

Each component of the visible image is outlined. The software immediately produces a classification of formed elements of urine from the formula, size, texture, contrast and other parameters.


  • Analyzed parameters: red blood cells, white blood cells, squamous cells, epithelial cell non-planar, transparent sample ungraded sample, mucus, bacteria, yeast, leukocyte blood, sperm
  • Testing speed: 60 samples per hour
  • Sample: Auto, automatic mixing, automatic sampling
  • The sample size: Minimum volume: 3ml unmixed urine (optimal minimum amount of 5 ml unmixed urine); Aspiration volume: approximately 1 ml
  • The principle of the study: flow cytometry technique, high speed and high depth in the image reproduction
  • Determination formed elements: technology identification formed elements of urine
  • Workstation: Four-core computer
  • Memory: ≥10 000 results
  • Connection: possible joint work with automatic urine analyzer DIRUI H-800
  • Printer: Laser printer with the ability to print the combined result

Hardware Settings:

Maximum relative deviation of repeatability ≤ ± 8.0% 

The accuracy of the test tasks CV ~ 10% 

Specificity (automatic identification)> 80% 

Specificity (artificial aids) ~ 95%

Normal working condition: 

Power supply: AC 220 V ± 22 V, 50/60 Hz 

Operating temperature 10C ~ 30 C 

Relative humidity 20% -80% 

Atmospheric pressure 860 hPa ~ 1060 hPa