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Magnetic resonance tomography

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging XGY Oper is an open system with the induction of the magnetic field of 0.4 Tesla. 

A wide range of sequences scanner: spin echo, gradient-echo inversion recovery MRI angiography, fast spin-echo inversion recovery signal to the suppression of free water, and others.

Oper Operator Console tomography is based on a 2-for Pentium, hard disk at least 80 GB, a monitor with diagonal of 21 "(1280x1024).

  • Parameter                                           value
  • Magnet type                                       open
  • The induction of the magnetic field, T 0.4
  • The homogeneity of the magnetic field in the spherical volume, ppm 5 at 40mm
  • The homogeneity of the magnetic field in the spherical volume, ppm 2 for 20mm
  • The field gradients                             mT / m 20
  • Slew rate gradients                            mT / m / ms 60
  • The aperture of the patient (from the table to the top plane of the magnet), see 40
  • Minimal field of view of the imager, mm 40
  • Maximum field of view of the imager, mm 400
  • Matrix imaging From 69h69 to 1024x1024
  • Slice thickness mode 2D, mm 0.15 - 100
  • Slice thickness mode 3D, mm 0.05 – 5

Description supplied with the scanner:

  • System 0,4T
  • A set of software imaging (sequence; Settings; image reconstruction, image processing and analysis)
  • RF coil - 6 pieces. (Head, neck, body, knees, limbs, shoulders)
  • Air conditioning (automatic temperature control in the procedure)
  • Radiofrequency protection areas, including viewing window and a door to the interior fittings
  • Operator Console tomography
  • Table Operator Console
  • Accessory Kit for patient positioning.

In addition: 

Hard copy device (printer of dry printing) format 35x43 cm