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Digital X-ray complex U-Arm

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WDM: The successful journey of more than 58 years

China Resources Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (WDM, formerly Beijing Wandong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.) as a state enterprise, WDM was founded in 1955 and was registered on the Shanghai stock market since 1997. The company's headquarters is located in the largest industrial park in Beijing. WDM has branch offices and distributors in more than 20 cities across China, and a sales network in 70 countries around the world.

WDM is located in an area of ​​100,000 square meters, and in its modern production center and research and development center employs over 1,000 people.

WDM has manufacturing capability to produce more than 6000 units of X-ray equipment in the year. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of radiological imaging. The main products are X-ray system and a constant magnetic resonance systems, and products of the company covers more than 60% of the domestic market. 

Our History Research and Development in the production of CR:

^ 1999 Flat Panel Detector CR research breasts

^ 2000 launched the first multi-functional digital X-ray unit systems, NEWORIENTAL 1000

^ Got ISO9001 2003 and ISO13485 certificates

^ CR 2004 installed the first outside China

^ 2005 NEWORIENTAL 1000 received CE certificate

^ 2009 Issued WDM CCD (Charge Coupled Device) detector

* Issued in 2010 U-arm CCD / PPD-CR

* 2012 The fully motorized ceiling suspended CR

^ 2013 RPM released WDM (Flat Panel Detector)

Choose CR Wandong as a solution in CR

1.      The largest share of the CR in China

Total installed since 1999 about 1700-1800 units, Units in 2012, more than 450 units

2.      Powerful R & D ability in pricing and service.

The most important technology - a generator WDM, mechanical structure, software, imaging detectors. Flexible composition of various segments (RPM / CCD detector, 20kW / 50kW / 80kW generator, ceiling-suspended / U-arm / portable mechanics)

3.      The international quality certificate, after-sales service

• All models have a confirmation of the CR CE.

• Experienced and professional in the international pre-installation, installation, training and service for foreign users.

• Low maintenance cost, free services to update the software, and guarantee long-term supply of spare parts.

NEW ORIENTAL 1000 U-arm with flat panel detector is a versatile digital system for clinics and hospitals, private and public high influx of patients. The system can satisfy the needs of most common studies in both the vertical and horizontal position, including breast examination.

Faster, easier, safer - tapeless process will be faster and more convenient than the conventional radiographic process. Digital radiology significantly reduces the duration of diagnosis, simplifies the process and makes it easier to study the relationship between patients and radiologists. New Oriental in 1000 U-arm with flat panel detector is a DICOM compliant. Easy storage and archiving of patient information not only benefits patients using affordable personal health cards, but also helps health professionals to better understand the patient's condition. Compared to conventional X-ray solutions, CR is much safer, because it pays more attention to the control of drug policy and enabling data access (DAP) is simple and effective.

Compact size - One of the unique features of New Oriental 1000 U - arm with the flat panel detector. His claim to the installation of the least demanding among different kinds of CR systems, which makes it ideal for small clinics, public hospitals or any radiology department with limited space. Compared to the New Oriental in 1000 U-Arm with a CCD system PPD has more compact dimensions and light weight. The entire system is comfortably located on 15 square meters, including the control room.

InvaRay: Leading Platform for Digital imaging

Developed CR Wandong - platform software for digital imaging InvaRay for NEW ORIENTAL 1000 U-arm FPD-DR, integrates several patented WDM technology. In addition to optimization of the image quality, a series of innovative features clinical images further enhances the usability of the equipment.

Technology processing of multispectral images (Tomi)

Tomi function may divide the image signals into multiple channels according to their distinctive features. The signals in each channel are calibrated and configured in accordance with their functions and in different directions for each image. Thus, increasing the clarity of the image detail.

Auto Shutter

Afterimage collimator eliminated, so the visual effect of the image is optimized. Meanwhile, the integrated image post-processing tools provide radiologists large space for calibration and image processing.

Automatic deployment of elements

Modern function ERA can automatically adjust the settings for the study of different body parts in different positions. It can also automatically choose appropriate further processing corrections and to optimize image quality. All work is to press the button for optimum output.

Digital Correlation

The original digital correlation algorithm can accurately sew the image. Thus we can easily obtain a complete visualization of the spine to complete the full legs.

A handy feature information one click

Being built on the base platform software InvaRay, NEW ORIENTAL 1000 is compatible with DICOM Worklist. If the necessary information about the patient is removed from the system before the test, the system automatically downloads the necessary parameters automatically. Meanwhile, the parameters are presented and personalized recommendations for imaging that are accustomed to individual surgeons, freeing them from complex installations for surgery.

Dedicated Discovery Protocol

Dedicated discovery protocol embeds filtering for a specific part of the body and the balance of gray in the automatic optimization of images. Each body part has its own individual curve for gray scale. Enhancing the gray scale can be achieved by adjusting the curves in order to obtain an enhanced image.

Full Package CR

The digital solution that offers CR Wandong is a complete package, ranging from pre-sales consulting on an individual plan to manufacture the whole system and after-sales installation, training and maintenance. To be able to provide one-stop service for customers, CR Wandong has decades of professional experience and knowledge. In addition to the simple "compliance" solution to the CR CR Wandong helps to expand the clinical data collection, processing and storage of personal service access and system user interface.

The main advantage of the CR series New Oriental 1000: - Advanced configuration of both hardware and software

In addition to the continuous commitment to meeting the requirements of medical institutions of different levels, CR Wandong has spared no effort to create and improve. Based on this concept, CR Wandong has developed a series of CR New Oriental in 1000, including the detectors of the highest class and the most advanced image processing technology to ensure the most cost-effective CR.

Unique professional software features

System of New Oriental in 1000 is built on the most advanced platform designed InvaRay CR Wandong. A rich library of image processing functions essentially optimizes the rendering process. In addition, the inclusion of unique image processing functions such as image stitching, making the system CR 1000 New Oriental extremely prominent in image processing. The development of this professional software platform based on years of clinical experience and a deep understanding of digital imaging technology.

Quick and easy operating procedure

Options imaging with one button makes a series of CR 1000 New Oriental easy and efficient to use. Together with the function of automatic placement and other user-friendly design, the equipment will contribute to health care of high quality at a high flow of patients. The design mimics the entire clinical scenario, by entering patient information, to output a diagnostic report, which greatly reduces the workload of medical staff .

Series CR 1000 New Oriental provides its users with a clear and detailed images, the full diagnostic information, flexible choice, ease and efficiency of operating procedures, and an excellent user experience.