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Digital electronic video colposcope

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· Specialized design, easy to use and great ergonomics.

· Technology SONY Exview HAD high-speed auto-focus CCD, allows you to quick look through and store images for later the doctor can more thoroughly analyze images and identify any changes.

· Wide viewing angle allows you to make the image more realistic (threeplaned).

· High intensity light with a ring of LEDs around the camera allows not missing the smallest details. Achieving the effect of shadowless lamp. Images are made more vivid and clear. The correct color reproduction fabrics in this lighting allows you to accurately determine the morphological changes in the studied tissues.

· Management system includes functions change optical zoom, image zoom, timing tissue reaction with acetic acid, the function of the electronic green filter, "freeze" image, and etc.

· Electronic green filter images

· Software technology using an electronic green filter images and triple filtration allows management in clinical practice improvement to get the image of the blood vessels tissues studied. Possibility of removing to the printer color quality images.

· Colposcope support interface DICOM 3.0, and can be connected to the control system networks in the hospital HIS or PACS. This allows you to share information from the colposcope through in-hospital computer network and your colleagues can directly access the images.

· Powerful software for image processing: look through images in real time, "freezing" of images, save images to the computer's memory, the ability to determine the size and many others.

 · Reports are generated quickly and easily, hints at the possibility of a correct diagnosis. Ease of configuration.

· Ability to save images and video without restrictions!

· Ability to save more than 300,000 patients! Storage Server high capacity.

· Compatible with PACS, network function

· Reference image samples of typical cases help the doctor in diagnoses quickly and correctly diagnose the patient.

· The ability to transmit patient information over the Internet.



Color Video Camera: Sony Exview HAD Camera, high-intensity LEDs with lighting with built-in 3.5 inch screen with high resolution (at the camera) 

Resolution: 1/4 "Super HAD color CCD, 8 megapixels 

Horizontal Resolution: 480 lines and more 

The camera interface: S-Video, Video, PAL format 

Noise level camera: 52 db 

Focal Length: Standard 200 ~ 500 mm, support from 150 ~ 550 mm 

18x optical zoom, 12 x digital zoom 

The maximum total magnification: 216 

Field of view: Φ = 2.5 ~ 320mm 

The balance of the camera image: Internal AWB Metering mode 

Lighting source: high-intensity LED circular multipoint 

Focus: fast automatic or manual focus 

The ability to view 360 degrees with a special tripod. 


LCD - high resolution monitor



· Doctor workplace - complex videocolposcopy based computer with Windows operating system and LCD monitor with high resolution

· Tripod for camera in the workplace

· Additional portable tripod with adjustable height

· The camcorder with high-resolution and extra LCD monitor

· Ring shadowless high-intensity LED Illuminator

· The remote control camera

· Foot switch for image capture

· Color inkjet printer

· Professional program for videocolposcopy with a library of images, descriptions and diagnoses

· Operating manual in Russian